Innovative IoT Technology Trends to Be a Mainstream by the Year 2019


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IOT refers to the interconnection done with the help of internet of various computational devices embedded in daily objects to enable them for sending and/or receiving data. IOT also involves the concept to connect devices to internet connection, which includes everything, whether it is coffee makers, cell phones, lamps, earphones or headphones and varieties of wearable devices available in the market. Even it is applicable for machinery components, including a jet engine present in an airplane.

IoT technology trends to watch out in 2019

Internet of Things concepts and technologies are consistently growing significantly and hence, it has become trending these days. Today, a large number of government bodies, business organizations and many common people have recognized the benefits related to connecting devices with the help of internet. Because of this, we can say that IoT will not only bring drastic revolution in the future of business, but also in homes/households. Whether you look at fitness bracelets or bands, smartwatches or any other latest equipment, you will find that IoT is capturing a huge storm in the modern technological market.

New generation manufacturing


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According to Chris Steck, Standardization Head at Cisco Industries, Internet of Things boom will help a lot in the emergence of next generation-based manufacturing process.
Manufacturing sector is creating a huge buzz related to industry 4.0 and a huge collection of various new abilities for smart factories has proved to be a driving force for the upcoming industrial revolution.

IoT technologies have started with connecting various machines, sensors, innovative devices and varieties of other valuable assets together, while latest IoT data is providing consistent value to six sigma and various other consistent improvement methodologies. Hence, a large number of adopters have witnessed huge improvement in the overall efficiency of production machines. If this is not enough, a majority of industries/factories have obtained IoT benefits in the form of processing of waste materials properly to achieve no or less pollution and optimum consumption of available energy.

Today, you will find about 50 billions of connected devices in circulation to generate about 8zeta bytes data in between them. Considering this trend, experts have predicted that IoT deployments will very soon include a holistic cloud and mobile platform comprising of planning as well as analysis with operational autonomy, digital twins and augmented type of human interactions with machines via predictive analysis, AI services and varieties of supporting applications.

IoT in Supply chain & reality

Supply chain, reality and retain industries have experienced drastic growth with the popularity and demand of IoT devices. Especially, retailers have obtained benefits in the form of their abilities to interact with other people personally, while supply chains are able to track their product offerings in industries and factories. Whenever we talk about the latest technology to operate ecommerce sector successfully, IoT plays important role to bring a drastic revolution in the entire ecommerce industry.

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Decentralization using IoT & Blockchain

A large number of enterprises, financial and organizational procedures will become decentralized and self-governing as well as optimized on a real-time basis, thanks to the evolution of innovative Blockchain technology and IoT.

Moreover, today, a majority of enterprise systems has started evolving them from onsite cloud ERPs to make enterprise abilities fully decentralized and thereby, reducing the overall cost related to ownership, maintenance and transaction procedures. A few of the startup groups have already started with creating top-class IoTA Tangles with the aim to develop enterprises components and modules to model their existing business procedures within no time and without any cost related to SaaS or cloud computation.

On the other side, you will notice a few companies as creating advertisement platforms and marketplaces by using Blockchain and IoT technologies. Indeed, we can expect to witness centralized and monolithic computational models broken into varying micro-services and distribution of jobs to decentralized devices and machines. Along with this, industrial IoT formed in convergence of Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence will permeate into financial transactions, governance, healthcare and various other disciplines in near future.



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Healthcare industry has witnessed massive revolution with varieties of IoT applications. If you have a look at the data highlighted about medical/healthcare sector, you will find that internet of medical equipments will grow at compounded growth rate annually by about 26.2% to reach about 72billion dollars by 2021. Reason behind this is that healthcare professionals opt to connect a variety of devices, such as wearable systems, sensors, health monitors, medical equipments and gamut consisting of medical devices. Besides surgeons and doctors, a large number of other individuals related to the entire healthcare industry have become highly tech-savvy than before they were, which would obviously result in drastic increate in the adoption of IoT devices in the medical industry. Virtual assistants and other essential mobile health applications to monitor the condition of a patient at home, implants and smart wearable devices to communicate various patients’ parameters and smart cars to monitor vitals of a patient in transit and varieties of other essential smart connected devices are enough to reshape the entire healthcare/medical industry with innovative IoT applications.


With the consistent increase in IoT adoption, large numbers of devices have started connected with Internet of Things. Expansion of networks leads to increase in the overall volume of data and in turn, increase in the risk of information. Hence, increased usage of IoT should essentially accompany increased IoT security impetus. Until now, not each of the IoT devices come as equipped with type of security features any PC or laptop should equip. However, during the coming years, this trend will change. Accordingly, there would be layering of machine-to-machine authentication process, biometrics logins become a norm with AI, while big data techniques and machine learning concepts will identify and prevent data breaches.

National Defence

Today, any country faces varying complicated levels and degrees of national threats. Positively, IoT improves to give support to military systems and related services, while provide the vital technology to achieve control on the panorama of its national defence. Internet of Things also provides the highest possible borders safety based on improved performance but affordable gadgets, which are remarkable and manageable. IoT has not only improved accuracy and operational speed, but also automated safety responsibilities, which often unfold many departments and a large number of individuals.

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Smart homes


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During the recent few years, Apple Group and Google have launched a variety of gadgets to create smart homes. If each of these products were in nascent stage, it will obviously become even more smart and efficient by the end of 2019. Indeed, you get varieties of smart home appliances, garage-closing systems, sprinklers and fitness bands. If this is not enough, you will find the way, in which you assure home security has also become smart with the launch of smart electrical plugs, remote locks and home-based device routing systems.


Therefore, with the consistent increase in scope of Internet of Things in different operational sectors and industries, we should say that IoT will be a mainstream during the coming 2019.

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