Why Node.js in Ecommerce Industries will dominate over forecast period?


In this era of digital transformation, taking a decision for an ecommerce business development is indeed a wise decision to march forward. As there is a cutthroat competition, there is no room for negligence in any aspect of ecommerce store development & services should be offered. From the plenty of online stores across the globe, if you are expecting the optimum fruits from your tree of ecommerce store then, first of all, you must select the appropriate soil to grow the tree of an ecommerce store. Yes, you are at the right path that we are talking about the platform selection for ecommerce development. And Node.js is one of the most preferred technologies for ecommerce development.

Node.js is open-source cross-platform which was basically formulated in the year of 2009 but has obtained popularity among the developers and ecommerce store owner over the last couple of years. For the ease in understanding it, you may take it as a runtime environment which renders event-driven APIs. It handles equivalent connection with augmented output precisely and supports performing JavaScript on the server-side.

Node.js is undoubtedly the game-changing technology by which you can faster the ecommerce development process with the minimum probability of error. Let’s take a quick look at some crucial reasons for employing it in ecommerce development.

  • Enjoy the perks of Single Treaded process execution:

    Most of the frameworks require the knowledge of at least two different programming languages for front-end and back-end coding. Node.js facilitates developers to write code in front-end and back-end side & code reusability for any modifications in future. As a result, web development in Node.js response faster as it requires 33% lesser line of code and 40% lesser file. 

    Moreover, Node.js environment provides some in-built modules which help in streamline coding. Since the transfer of data between the two points becomes quicker, the loading time becomes minimal. Netflix has employed this fast and lightweight Node.js framework to minimize the start-up time by more than 68%.

  • Event-driven and non-blocking I/O model:

    blog-twoNode.js utilizes V8 runtime engine for the transformation of code from JavaScript to machine level code which makes is lightweight, efficient and perfect for the data-sensitive real-time app. Node.js is event-driven non-blocking I/O model whose web server remains ready to accept new request while the previous request stays in the queue for performance.In the node.js environment, operation execution is performed by an object and result of the same be performed by the call back function. This eliminates the reading/writing and the serialization of the state into a database. Resulting, the responding procedure of all requests becomes faster. This aspect of operation has made node.js to prefer the choice of embracing it by Uber.

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  • Data Streaming Uniformity:

    The other models take HTTP request and response into account as a two separate event which is time-consuming. While in Node.js architecture both go as a single data channel. As a result, the request and response file manage simultaneously. The easy uploading of video for a better explanation of any product is also possible with it. Thereby, this is proved as a boon for store owner of the ecommerce to deal with multiple products.It will make you feel wonder after knowing the fact is NASA is also one of the organizations who rely on Node.js to keep the life of astronauts during space expeditions. The thought of shifting in Node.js technology came when an astronaut in space was about to die owing to data scattered in numerous locations. The Node.js has updated system having end-to-end data system has reduced the number of process execution steps around 300%.

  • Node.js and Microservices: A perfect blend for optimum performance

    Before some years, only large ecommerce enterprises relied on microservices architecture, rest were on monolithic architecture. Since microservices architecture is easier to scale and easy to learn by newly employ person now it is also preferred by mid-buzz with rising in complexity in the system. One can originate scripting a microservice in node.js using a tiny micromodule.As Node.js is lightweight technology, utilization of it for microservices architecture is a preferred choice. Switching from monolithic to microservice architecture enables better flexibility. Research conducted on Node.js user survey represents about half of the total users are using technologies related to microservice to build node.js apps. Walmart is also one of the leading entrepreneurs who shifted to microservice with node.js. Consequently, Walmart has obtained 98 percentage mobile growth and 20 percentage general conversion growths.

  • Concurrent Connection:

    The traditional servers allow approximately 4000 utmost users connection at a time. To go beyond this figure, organization must need to add server which increases the infrastructure cost. While node.js has the ability to support tens of thousands of concurrent connection, as a result, the infrastructure cost can be reduced.What’s more, Node.js is an event-driven model which means it relies on listeners to listen for event and emitters to emit even periodically. You can perform an action only when the event occurs. During the rest time, it stays in snooze mode until the completion notification.EBay which is one of the leading multinational ecommerce companies has also embraced the node.js owing to some reasons including Scalability, enhanced performance, single-threading, transparency and non-blocking I/O model.

Wrapping Up:

Node.js is a trustworthy and fully-fledged solution which requires for enhancing eShoppers experience during entire e-shopping journey. During ecommerce development, selection of suitable technology for faster turnaround time leads to rapid business growth. For that, Node.js is not only the preferred technology but it is the future technology which will dominate by budding enterprises.

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