Planning For the Flash Sale? Good Idea! Here Few Tips to Run a Successful Flash Sale Which Can Boost Your Sales By 236% and More


When you combine email marketing with a good idea and solid data, the results can be tremendous, and those results could be just the beginning.

Case-Mate tested a flash sale in early December and increased its revenue by 236%. Then the team relaunched two weeks later and more than doubled the conversion rate of the first sale. Discover how the team created the first sale and adjusted the second to climb higher. So lets understand

What exactly is a flash sale?

A flash sale is when an online store offers significant discounts or promotions for a limited time. The primary goals of a flash sale strategy are to entice online shoppers to buy on the spur of the moment, increase short-term sales, or sell excess inventory.

Flash sales differ from regular online sales in three ways:

  •         Discounts and promotions are significantly better than what your company normally provides.
  •         A flash sale has a much shorter time frame than your online flash sale store’s regular sale window.
  •         A limited number of products are available for purchase, which is frequently combined with limited stock availability.

Flash sales are particularly popular on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but they can entice online shoppers at any time. Some websites even use “daily deal” flash sale website as their primary revenue model (though not without some drawbacks).

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December is an important 1month for retailers, and not just because of the Christmas shopping frenzy. It is also their last chance to try ideas for next year.

Case-Mate – a designer, manufacturer and retailer of premium smartphone cases – wanted to try out a new promotion in early December. The marketing team was leaning toward a flash sale. “A lot of people on the team had seen flash sales from other companies and had bought them based on flash sales,” said Ruth DeFeo, Email Marketing Manager, and Case-Mate.

Because email marketing often carried the load on Case-Mate promotions, DeFeo knew the channel would be the main driver of the campaign. The team had never made a flash sale offer and would have to start from scratch.

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Case-Mate planned to launch the 12-hour sale on December 7. The campaign was a great success. The team reorganized its December marketing calendar to launch another flash sale two weeks later.

The Team Took Four Steps:

Step 1. Release Time Carefully

A 12-hour sale does not give customers much time to receive a message and make a purchase. Case-Mate had to carefully watch the flash sales to avoid a flash in the pan.

The team dug in their data for time to sell:

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Time of the day

The team reviewed their website analysis and found that site visitors were the most abundant and active at 9 pm. In addition, 10 p.m. Each night. To take advantage of this time, the team established the online flash sale to run from 7 p.m. at 7 a.m.


Sunday is a big day for Case-Mate, but not in terms of sales.

“We saw that people were going to visit the site a lot on Sunday, but it would not turn out. Our thoughts were they go to the site, checking things out on Sunday, but on Monday they come back and actually buy the case they saw,” said DeFeo.

With this idea, the team established the campaign to launch on Monday, December 7.

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Discount level

Case-Mate planned to promote a promotional code for a discount on the whole site during the sale. Once again, the team looked for their data to determine the best offer.

“We determined that the 30% discount is our ideal point for promotional offers,” said DeFeo.

Step 2. Create Landing Page

The theme of the campaign was based on a Gift-Mate Gift Guide created for the holidays. The guide focused on a single landing page and the team used this page to receive traffic for the flash sale.

These are the main characteristics of the page:

Product people

Case-Mate created eight characters to appear on the landing page, such as “the fashionista”, “the adventurer” and “the tween”. The page mixed images of these characters and visitors could click on arrows or the titles of the characters to navigate them.

Assortment of products

Each character corresponded to a different set of products. Dozens of products are displayed at the bottom of the page when a user clicks on one of the character images.

Banner image

The largest and most prominent text on the page was a logo alerting visitors who had come to the gift guide. This message corresponded to the emails that the team used to promote the campaign, but the page did not mention the promotional code. DeFeo says the team is considering reinforcing the sales message on landing pages in future campaigns.

flash-sale-5For all this, it is very important that companies apply marketing strategies and mechanisms of action so that flash sale are a reality in such a changing market that now speaks of things as proximity marketing, which is a factor to consider in the following days.

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