Reality Technology Trends to Take the 2022 Market by Storm


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The rising technology trends and comfort of internet-based activities has led us to perceive the tasks that were done previously just fine as troublesome. As unexpected events in 2022 will undoubtedly alter the marketing landscape, among other things. To say the least, this year has been transformative, and the consequences of such a drastic shift remain to be seen. However, there are a few key marketing trends in 2022 that can greatly benefit your business. Here are few key takeaways from the current marketing environment. Nowadays, people believe that learning a skill besides their 9-to-5 job would take too many hours. Increasing versatility among people and the widespread media have left us craving numerous skills. Fortunately, today’s technology has cleverly looked after the criterion by presenting reality technologies that make communication faster and easier, brought shopping to the convenience of a click, made accounting and transactions hassle-free and more. In addition, Extended reality has provided endless opportunities to the modern industry and people as it allows users to customize their choices and choose the path they wish to venture on.

In the following list, we will look at the most awaited reality tech trends that will take 2022 by storm.

Mixed Reality Data Organisation

Science has leapt boundaries to present us with cellphones, supercomputers, and other massive influencers. We have often come across the idea of floating user interface in movies like Avatar, Iron Man and Minority Report, which have paved the way for some serious humankind goals. The stunning user interface manipulated by the actors while scheming or designing a layout makes us wonder if real-life secret agencies work this way. Sadly, it is yet to be invented.

While virtual reality technology trends 2022 can transport the user into a reality filled with data and charts to manipulate as they want, augmented reality can even incorporate tangible elements into the world. Therefore, we are hopeful that mixed reality can give us the ultimate data organization we have been wanting.

VR remote training employees

The current situation of VR remote training is exploring physical tasks that the employees can perform to test their skills. It is now seen as an effective form of learning and honing industry skills. Although the entirety of the VR remote training scheme has not been invented yet, according to Kelly and Hughes, reality technology holds great potential. Overseas, employers and employees have interacted via the internet, but now VR takes this to another level. Shortly, it is predicted that VR will enable remote training possible.

AR in Brand Promos

Brands like IKEA and New Look have already introduced augmented reality into their promos. They see AR as an innovative tactic to increase sales by allowing the customers to be more liberal with their product browsing. IKEA allows its customers to place the desired furniture in a room they wish and witness the results in maximum AR clarity.

Even upcoming movie promos introduce AR selfie filters on popular apps to attract media and customer attention. The brands recognize the worth of AR marketing in today’s generation.

Widespread VR advertising


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Virtual reality is the latest technology trends that has impressed the developers and the users throughout the years. VR can reach out to customers by conveying the potential of the brands. It creates a likeable and immersive virtual experience that allows the customer to preview what the brand promises and its story. Virtual reality ads are currently the most successful market campaign, as you can understand from Infiniti’s Q60 test drive.

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More commercialization of the 360-degree videos

You might have fallen head-over-heels for the social media 360-degree videos. Since 2015, the 360-degree videos have brought the entire surroundings to the media and baffled us with what goes missing in a stock photo. Experts suggest that more such videos technology trends can be expected in the coming year, as you can see brands like Honda and NASA strategizing their ad campaigns with the viral video technique. The quality of the videos is improving each year, and soon we can expect more enhanced videos spamming our social media walls.

Bridging distances to access information, people, and experiences by Extended Reality

The reality technology does not end at AR and VR but rather aims a more immersive and ubiquitous extended reality. By 2022, customers and users will be experiencing technology like never before that strives to bridge the physical distances between people, information and experiences.

We have already discussed how VR can remote train employees while their employers put the specific candidates in certain virtual situations and train the real ones remotely. Supply chains now choose extended reality over traditional operations by enabling their customers to place orders visually. This technology trends has improved a staggering 15% of company productivity.

Boosting Mobiles Sales

You would think that there could be nothing more than our smartphones can do. The idea is not entirely baseless, as phone companies either make their model physically more attractive, include impressive camera features or enhance the accessories to boost the sales. However, VR and AR promise a more immersive experience that transcends mere AR selfies and VR shopping tactics. Although it is not possible to predict what the year 2022 holds for us, companies are hinting toward a reality of technology inclusion.

Improved efficacy of existing processes

Be it your regular online shopping or a YouTube tutorial, XR, VR, and AR strive to improve the efficiency of today’s processes. Today, we are impressed by the video chats that make remote conferences possible. However, our ever-evolving science does not stop at mere video chatting but wishes to incorporate reality technologies to imitate a conference room to encourage an immersive experience that was previously not possible. Similarly, you can expect ad campaigns and customer previews to receive a revolutionary modifications in the coming year.

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Utilization in Healthcare


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It has been predicted that AR technology trends will generate $2.4billion by the end of 2022 in the healthcare industry. To erase the possibility of human error, technology is taking even healthcare industries to the next level. Although VR aims at a more digital outlook for the industry, these technologies will be extensively used in rehabilitation and training. The 3D operating rooms are a prime discussion subject that can make training periods for potential surgeons more immersive and efficient.


Reality technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality introduce an immersive experience like nothing before. They promise to dispel the inconvenience caused by distance altogether and optimize the digital future. Whether gaming and entertainment or marketing and business, reality technologies show statistics of fast growth attracting hundreds of users every day.

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