SocialBenchers/Coreway Solution is now NationBuilder Certified Designer and Developer.


SocialBenchers, A subsidiary part of company Coreway Solution which is India based leading and fast growing technology solution provider in various industries.

SB – SocialBenchers comprises services for progressive non-profits, unions and democratic campaigns and any NGO. For this SB is using a tool cum one stop solution – NationBuilder platform. So far by using this tool, we have provided solutions to many non-profit organizations to help in their cause.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that SocialBenchers is now Certified NationBuilder Architect & NationBuilder Developer too.

SocialBenchers as NationBuilder Architect

You can find us in a NationBuilder Architects directory. NationBuilder Architects are certified designers who will work with clients to build and implement their own custom NationBuilder theme. The Architects listed in the directory have proven ability to build the great NationBuilder themes and it is examined by NationBuilder Community Code of Conduct.

SocialBenchers as NationBuilder Developer

You can find us in NationBuilder Developer directory. NationBuilder Certified Developer will work with clients to build custom apps or functionality using the NationBuilder API. All the Developers listed in this directory have proven their proficiency using the NationBuilder API and abide by our Community Code of Conduct.

This achievement can be added as a milestone in Coreway Solution’s history. Company’s CMO Mr. Varun Patel gave the statement that “This achievement is one of the best achievement Coreway has achieved so far, and feel proud on my team who always ready to do extra-mile on my directions. This only can be possible with such supportive team. Thanks to all from bottom of my heart!” He also added that “This is just a pass to get entry into this platform, we really have to do more creative and smart work rather than hard work to help our clients for their cause. Because for only purpose we used to get this certification. So please keep doing well! Best luck to all!”


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