How A Large Retail Company Increased Their Online Sales By 40% While Saving $100k By Simply Migrating From Magento To Shopify


Average person makes 773,618 decisions in a lifetime however only a
handful of them will ever change the lives of many people and organizations.

Therefore, in this post, we recommend reading the amazing achievements a British apparel & giftware company
that tried Shopify and it changed the entire course of their
business forever!

It was incredible, without words. All the change that arose for the company!” That’s what their board said when they were asked about the experience of migrating from Magento to Shopify. let’s take a closer look at this incredible story.

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The first thing you should know is that is a large retail corporation in England that sells toys, giftware and adult’s
& children’s clothing through multiple outlets. Before they were
part of Shopify as merchants, they used to sell through
various online marketplaces & channels and as they grew, they felt
the need to develop their own channel with a stunning web page.


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Earlier, their website was handled through Magento. However,
as their volume of sales grew, restrictions of the platform and
began to complicate management of critical processes required
by the online store to meet needs and expectations of their customers.

For these reasons, they were encouraged to migrate to a stable cloud
commerce platform – Shopify, which represented a much superior alternative with more inbuilt characteristics in favor of the customer
satisfaction and for easy operation of the online store especially during
peak demand.

Another important detail you must not forget that as the
number of shoppers in a Magento store increase, it
becomes more and more expensive to maintain the servers. Therefore,
the British company decided to migrate to Shopify and this
transformation drove in many positive numbers in short months.


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Looking at this, it’s hard not to be encouraged
to migrate from Magento to Shopify.

Over time, has saved thousands upon thousands of dollars,
since the Shopify platform has a simpler yet more dynamic mechanism.
At the same time, it has a series of innovations ranging from the checkout procedure to the safe selection of payment methods. It is a simple to use and versatile platform for the needs of the high growth shops and International market.

What did people do to begin this migration?

They looked for an expert team that could help them to make this migration in a safe and reliable way, adapting all the capacities of the business to the Shopify platform benefits.

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This migration saved them thousands of dollars, helped them get new
customers and as of today they one of the most famous online
stores in the UK.

Their success could be concentrated in two decisions they took:1.To take the suggestion of the migration of Magento to Shopify
2 To hire an expert team for the migration, soon!. try Shopify to boost your business today!

If were so successful in such a short time, why wouldn’t your company succeed?

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