Why Are Merchants Moving To Shopify Plus? Here Are The 10 Main Reasons To Migrated To Shopify Plus And Boost Sales


Many companies need to migrate Shopify plus, as there are great programs like Magento, which have done a lot for the improvement of online stores. However, in Coreway Solution we believe that a Magento to Shopify migration is necessary because of the latter, offers many options to improve your trade.

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After seeing these 10 reasons, you’ll want to hire Shopify plus developers.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness– Smaller companies and startups will enjoy the value for investment that Shopify offers as a whole; the platform’s most basic functionality starts at just $29 per month. This includes enterprise-level hosting and environment updates and management. Shopify Plus added functionality and support are also competitively priced.

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  1. Scalability – The platform offers limitless scalability and extensive APIs, making it a good investment for fast-growing and larger companies who may have worries about hitting the ceiling elsewhere. Unlimited bandwidth provides reassurance over your site’s performance during peak traffic times.”

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Shopify allows us to scale and be creative with promotions, without having to require a developer on our disposal. We also never have to worry about our site being down during crazy traffic spikes. Our site is always up, which means we’re always ready to sell and make money, 24/7.” – Charity Gerke, Marketing Manager at US elite gear

  1. Easy Customization – The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows businesses to build on-brand, highly customized sites without coding knowhow. Moreover, for the well-versed in web programming, its scripting capabilities allow you to create custom functionality for your store with ease.
  2. Mobile-Friendly – the platform’s fully responsive website themes ensure that your e-commerce store is designed for mobile. Plus, its Responsive Checkout functionality is free to all users and deemed one of the best in the business.

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  1. Unlimited Products and Inventory – Pretty self-explanatory: whatever pricing plan you’re on, you’ll never reach a limit on how many products you can sell on your site.
  2. Payments – Shopify Plus has its own payments tool available to all its customers as a standard, dissolving the need for businesses to add the cost of third-party payment providers to their store bill.                                 shopify 5Image Source:Google
  3. Vetting – Shopify vet every app and plugin before it gets added to their marketplace to make sure it’s safe and optimized for use by its customers. Plus, with an extensive list of apps to aid everything from marketing to accounting, you’ll never be spoilt for choice. Anything you can’t find can be commissioned for the build.
  4. Security – Shopify Plus’ is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, providing your customer data with the same level of security as a bank. Customers shopping on your store will also be able to see the green lock icon, instilling trust in your brand from the off.
  5. Graduated Pricing Plans – Shopify pricing structure is transparent from the off and shows a clear path of progression which you can pass on to your decision-makers with confidence. A graduated price plan means you’re only paying for the level of functionality you need.

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  1. Knowledgeable Community – Whether you want to learn how to build something, commission a tailored piece of tech, or simply ask about abandoned carts, Shopify e-commerce forums and Experts Directory provides access to professional and technical support for every customer need.

If you’re already a Shopify or Shopify Plus customer, you can connect your e-commerce store to dot mailer using Commerce Flow. To find out more about platforming to Shopify Plus, head to their website.

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