Grow Your Sales By Optimizing The Checkout Process at Shopify Plus


In the advancement of technology, it is very important to know that one of the things that the client is looking for is the trust that must be between the web services platform and the security of their financially confidential information.

However, is trust one of the most important things for a customer when they are using an e-commerce application?
Well, it’s not one of the most important things, IT’S THE ONLY THING THAT IT’S IMPORTANT TO GENERATE THE CUSTOMER’S TRUST!

Do you feel that your organization has this level of trust in your online stores?

Are there alternatives to optimize your checkout process as well as your sales?

Of course, there are ways! There are platforms like Shopify Plus, which offers many competitive advantages for your organization, especially when users must share their confidential financial information. Notice how Shopify Plus has grown up in these few years:


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More than 2,500 companies that are currently influential in the world, have already migrated their eCommerce services platform to Shopify Plus. This has brought to Shopify Plus, experiencing new member growth of 126% annually.

This has brought a great deal of confidence to the contracting companies and their customers as it has driven many companies to enter and even stay on the Fortune 500 list.

All this, because they have managed with confidence, a volume of sales ranging from 1MM of dollars, to large sums that fluctuate in the 500MM of dollars, according to with

All this, thanks to the optimization of one thing: THE CUSTOMER’S EXPERIENCE WHEN HE BUYS GOODS AND SERVICES BY The INTERNET!

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Do you still consider that it is not necessary to migrate to Shopify Plus?

In this case, various inquiries made by Shopify Plus developers, have told them that one of the critical points in any existing platform has been the Checkout process.

The Checkout process means everything that happens from the time a user decides to buy a product, until it makes the purchase effective through a payment.

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Engaging best shopify experts for your business

From Coreyway Solution, we explain what elements provide that trust and why these ones have made Shopify Plus very important today and in which we are experts:

Simplicity: the platform is very friendly to be handled by both the merchant and the user.

Logic: the platform has a very logical presentation that leaves nothing to chance to guess for the customer or the merchant.

Security: this means that data is stored on reliable servers, away from hackers, 100% guaranteed.

Navigable: supports many languages and devices too, responding to globalization.

Reliability: Having all the authorizations and being under all existing financial regulations, this platform is the most reliable now.

What would your company gain by being part of the Shopify Plus experience?

-Different sales channels integrated directly into the dashboard of your store.
– 100+ payment gateways including mobile, social, and Shopify Pay payments in a single field (recent innovation).
– A wholesale alternative in a personalized way for all those customers who buy in high volume.
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However, the most important advantage for the Checkout process is that in the past, customers were automatically redirected to a general site called Shopify Payments. However, they have improved so much, that customers will no longer be redirected to to complete their purchase, that is, they will remain throughout your visit to your store (from entry to checkout) always under your store’s domain.

This applies to all merchants, regardless of the Shopify plan that the store has and that change, will be applied automatically.

How will your Shopify Plus experience with Coreyway Solution be better?

It is very simple, we are a Shopify development company where you can customize your Shopify Plus according to your business needs. We will tailor your store as the business requires with our shopify website design service.
This will allow your business to share the stage with more than 275,000 online stores in approximately 150 countries and currently enjoys the trust of brands like Budweiser, Tesla Motors, Red Bull, LA Lakers, New York Stock Exchange, GoldieBlox and many more.

Shopify merchants reach 175 countries and are expanding on every continent

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What do you expect to contact us?

We will give you a service that will allow you to boost your shop to more than 131 million people have bought from Shopify stores in the last 12 months, as well as a cash back when it comes to making the most of the Shopify Plus platform.

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The Coreyway Solution Experience?

We are a 7 years’ experience company with a solid reputation among the more than 250 organizations around the world that are part of our portfolio of clients, who have been saved more 5MM $ thanks to the innovation of their processes through technology.

Read in the next posts, the great and moving stories of customers that have reached their maximum level thanks to Shopify Plus.

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