Increase website conversion? Use the Top 5 Analytics to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion


Increasing the traffic of our website is certainly a positive aspect of our business. The more visibility and more people know and visit the site much better.

On the other hand, it is a mistake to think that its profitability will improve with attracting more visitors since there is no direct and unequivocal relationship between the revenue generated by a website and the number of visits.

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In order to measure more accurately and reliably the profitability of a site, we must measure the results in terms of conversion.

In a web, we talk about conversion when the user accesses and performs that action that we want, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. To see how important it is in monetary terms to carry out actions to improve the conversion, We’ll give you an example:

Investment CPC Clicks% Conversion CPL Leads

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If we look at the tables, we can see the change that can occur in a company when the conversion is increased. In both cases, the company has the same investment, CPC, and clicks.

However, the second has increased the number of leads as well as their conversion by 0.20% and has decreased its CPL.

Also if we pay attention to income, we can see that the increase of the conversion by 0.20% has increased the profit account by 700 dollars.

This is a sample of the profitability that you can contribute the work in improving the conversion of your web.

By focusing your efforts on increasing your conversion, you will optimize your efforts and your resources and you will reach your objectives more easily beside increasing revenues.

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For this, it is important to invest time in improving the usability of the page, so that the user feels comfortable and safe when making the purchase, fill out the form etc.

To help you, let’s look at a number of good practices and tips to improve the conversion of your site.

Decrease page load speed

A slow loading speed can cause the user to get tired of waiting or feel insecure to perform any transaction and leave the page.

The decrease in the loading speed can give you an increase up to 66%.

Customize your landing page.

Use a landing page for each campaign and conversion goal and direct it where appropriate. It does not make sense to carry out a campaign on the discount of a certain product and direct it to the home because you will not be fulfilling the expectations that your client has.

Uses web analytics tools

This allows you to keep track of conversion rates, rebound percentage, and locate user leak points in the funnel and conversion for continuous improvement.

Top 5 Analytics Reports

Google Analytics provides some great-preconfigured reports to work with out of the box.

  1. Browser Report

As Peep Laja points out, one of the most common money leaks on websites is an incompatibility with certain browsers. He suggests creating a custom report showing conversions per browser and segmenting the report by the device (mobile, desktop, tablet) so as not to skew your numbers.

Search Engine Watch links to a similar pre-made report in their list of time-saving custom reports. If you’re not selling products on your site you can swap out Revenue and Unique Purchases for conversion and goal value-related metrics.

  1. Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report

Avinash’s goal with this report was to organize key metrics that reveal the efficiency and performance of each stream of traffic to a website. You’ll see total sessions, unique users, new users, goal conversion rate and goal value per session, all organized by source and medium.

  1. Customer Behavior Report

This report was created by Peter Van Klinken as part of a contest organized by Avinash Kaushik––Peter’s report was called out as the best, and he won a signed copy of Avinash’s book Web Analytics 2.0. The report reveals how behavior varies between new and returning users in terms of overall traffic, conversion patterns and event completion.

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4. Mobile Performance Report

This report is ideal for understanding how well your site is optimized for mobile and where you need to make improvements.

5. Site Diagnostics: Page Timing Report

Switch from the “data” table view to the “comparison” table view in order to compare load time to bounce rate; this allows you to view the bounce rate for each page against the site average.

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