5 Simple ways to Drive Holiday E-commerce Sales with Shopify Twitter Buy Button


twitter-button-1Hold onto your chairs (or desks)! Vacations are coming, which means they are probably in hyper-impulsive mode – trying to catch the attention of busy shoppers and get conversions online.

Probably their inboxes are also packed with emails from social media companies, sending them emails and discounts, offering their products designed to appeal to new customers during the holiday rush.

There is a lot of information to filter and they are already starving.

That’s why I’ll save you some space on your mental hard drive considering the options.

Take a look at my suggestions below on how to take the new “Buy” Twitter button, for a trial period, this holiday season.

How does the “Buy” button on Twitter work?

With just a few touches on your mobile screen, Twitter users can now safely purchase products from a Tweet on their timeline – without having to visit the website.

twitter-button-2.jpgSource Image: AMC Theatres

Once you click the “Buy” button, a popup window (like the one in the screenshot below) is displayed, where you can enter your personal and payment information with Twitter, to save them for future purchases.

twitter-button-3.jpgSource Image: Shopify.com

Generate online holiday shopping on twitter in real time with Shopify

In order for your creative flow to flow, Here are scenarios that describe how you can take advantage of the moment your customers are already in the holiday mindset or are actively looking for recommendations on gifts, promotions and offers on Twitter.

  1. Public Events: Think about Thanksgiving or Santa Claus Parades

twitter-button-4Source Image: Ecommerce Hub

Moms and dads are in the middle with their kids to watch the Santa Claus parade. Mom takes a quick picture with the little Susie, on her smartphone and tweet it. Maybe she’s in the Twitter conversation about some TV show through her smartphone – using a holiday parade hashtag.

In fact, “75% of Twitter users, access the app through a mobile device.” In addition, there are extremely numerous conversations about television programs, as the Twitter data below indicates.

While Mom is using the Twitter app, she sees a special Tweet touted on her timeline, through geographic targeting that recognizes she is in the area near the parade.

Alternatively, you could discover promoted Tweets through a hashtag based on related events or keyword offering a limited time discount on holiday gifts, for parade viewers, on their website.

Mom knows Susie wants the train they are offering, so she clicks the “Buy” button and voila!

She can cross out that gift from her shopping list – all while singing the lyrics of Frosty the snowman with the other parents and children in the crowd.

  1. Public that is in the “Showroom” of a store

A customer walks into a Best Buy store (I promise this is not the start of a joke) to review laptops. But then, when they find the model they want to buy, they search through their smartphone on the internet or ask their peers for help through social networks to find the best price.

This mobile shopping behavior is commonly known as Showrooming.

Moreover, while “50% of smartphone owners say they have researched prices in a store, 33% of them say they want to buy the product from one of their competitors.”

twitter-button-5Source Image: Guilty.com

That exact time, when a customer is with his phone in the store, is a great opportunity for Best Buy to offer them a special discount online to motivate them to buy the laptop immediately, instead of going to buy it at Walmart. Using Twitter, retailers can target exposure buyers by location (if they are already in your store or area at that time), or by using keywords – if the customer tweets that they are looking for a product that you sell.

  1. Public according to the device you use, which follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Does your online store sell smartphones and tablets? Many of your customers and prospects will be in the market to upgrade their devices on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

However, it is important to consider that your competitors can offer bids well before Black Friday.

In fact, the following table shows that new deals and device purchases actually happen in early November and reach the peak of the weekend prior to Black Friday.

twitter-button-6.jpgSource Image: Localytics.com

So be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and use information from devices that your followers and/or Twitter users use to attract them, they may have older devices or operating system versions, and they can be offered a special offer so that Update your phone or tablet with your online store.

  1. Redirect mobile site visitors who did not complete a purchase

If you are an experienced online marketer, this concept is probably quite obvious. But in case you need a refresh, redirection involves delivering a special offer through online advertising to customers who visited your website and read a product page, or added something to your shopping cart, but did not buy it.

The beauty of integrating Twitter’s “Buy” button with your re-targeting campaign is that you no longer have to send those people to your online store to complete a purchase.

  1. Public-based climate for local vacation shoppers: Think Blizzard or Polar Vortex

twitter-button-7Source Image: Ecommerce Hub

Does your online store sell jackets from Canada Goose, Manitobah Mukluks or other cold-weather products?

A good time to get customers to buy these products is when they are at least 20 degrees outside and they need a new winter jacket, boots, and maybe even a snow blower right now.

Maybe he’s just tweeted about how he “dies of cold.” Or, maybe you know that the city you live in is having a big blizzard today.

Either way, you can monitor the weather coming alongside the holiday season and create a “Buy” Twitter promotional button that fits the needs of your local customers.

twitter-button-8.jpgSource Image: Shopify.com

To start using Twitter’s “Buy” button on Shopify, simply add the Twitter sales channel with the Shopify administration settings. Then click on “Tweet Tweet” through the Shopify control panel.

Since this feature is still so new, the possibilities are endless.

Can you be one of the first retailers to save your mobile customers valuable time this holiday season? If you have additional questions or concerns about using the Buy button feature on Twitter, leave a comment below or contact the Shopify Plus team directly.

Read in the next posts, the great and moving stories of customers that have reached their maximum level thanks to Shopify Plus.

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