How to build a mobile app on a tight budget?


Mobile applications are significant in business these days. A single application can be a business itself, and with all the technology around, it’s not that hard to develop a mobile application. Every facility that you can think of is available on application. These applications practically allowed you to manage each and everything in a few scrolls and clicks on a screen that can fit into your pocket. So if you want to build mobile app on a tight budget, you must keep in mind these are a few things.



There is a proper procedure to initiate any project, and the first step is to understand the basic requirements which will further become the functionality of the application. Analyze the domain for which you want to create the app. To do so answer the questions:

  • What main service this app should provide?
  • Whether this app is already available or not?
  • What are the extra features of the app? Etc.
  • Check its future scalability.

Also, you can analyze other similar applications that are already launched on the play store to get the better glance at the actual working model. This may help you decide more precise details that you want to add in your application. Without deciding your requirement it is difficult to give the project estimate and it can create issues in long term, so it’s not a good to approach any mobile app development company and ask for a budget without proper homework.
Finally after gathering and prioritizing all the information make your decision about how
You want to create this app.


Once all the functional requirements are finalized, the second step will be to prepare a visual of the application to decide the data flow. It includes launching the app and then the flow of data from one page to another in order. best way to build hybrid mobile apps is to prepare the sketches to portray the idea in a more visual form so that the developers can understand it. This way, they can execute the development in a proper orientation and deliver the output as desired” These sketches must include the at least the preliminary information regarding the app’s visuals like:

  • The Number of pages (Activities) and their order in the app.
  • How you want the Launching activity to be?
  • The color scheme of the application.
  • What bars you want and where?
  • Other orientations. Etc.

Besides these, you can include whatever that is in your mind for your app.

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There are various platforms available for mobile development like two major platforms
are Android and IOS. You must decide on which platform you want to run your
application. You can choose the platform for your app by analyzing your target domain.
After choosing the platform for the application, you need to select the minimum version
that you want to set for compatibility with the application. This is necessary because
devices below that version will not be compatible i.e. that application won’t work on
those devices which are not satisfying the minimum version. Increasing trends of mobile application development have created strong challenges to stay ahead of a competitor. Therefore, to get attention from your audiences; before developing a mobile app go through these successful mobile app development tactics.


When you are done with the first 3 steps, then you are ready to get this data to a developer in order to start your application development. There are many companies in the market which offers application development service but you need to decide according to the budget you have. You can ask around in the local IT hub and get the rough estimate.
Also, you can search online for there are so many startups that provide the service that you require or you can hire a freelancer for the work. If you are hiring a freelancer for the work then you must check the reviews and the work experience before handing him the project. After gathering all the cost data and reviews you can compare them and finally decide which one is suitable for this particular job.



The person or the firm that you have finalized will be handling the project so it is necessary that you have provided all the significant requirements regarding the application.
Even though App developers and App development companies are working hard to keep up with the demands of customers, once you have decided the person for the job then you can’t just leave all the work to him. The developer must get your vision to develop the app accordingly. You need to provide all the necessary details to the developer and be precise in your vision so he can understand it properly. Since he is the expert you can also ask him for any further changes you think will make the application better.

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Pricing: It is important to confirm the low budget app development estimate because you have a fixed budget only. Before handing over anything, first, finalize whether the charges will be fixed, or they can vary depending on the time it takes. Confirm whether they work on a fixed budget project or hourly/per-day charges. This is important because their pricing may disrupt your budget.

Delivery: After the pricing is confirmed then finalize the delivery date and time for the final application along with the user manual. Before confirming the delivery date:

  • You must decide the date on which you want to launch your application.
  • Decide a date for delivery with significant time gap before the launch.
  • Must ask for a proper detailed user manual to manage the application.
  • Must ask for a short time technical support before the launch of the application.

When all the above is confirmed then pick a date and time for the final delivery.


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