Is your mobile app engaging users? Here are the tips to improve it.


Developing an engaging mobile app is something more than a mere fascinating idea. Customer engagement should be the foremost priority of an app developer. The app developers devote their time and efforts in creating an app which attains different business goals. A remarkable download rate is registered at the time of launch of an app but after a certain time, the apps do not intrigue the users anymore. Most of the Smartphone users have over 50 apps in their phones at any point of time but more than 20 percent of the apps remain unused after their first use.

Investing in an app is one thing and integration of the app into a company’s overall growth and its brand loyalty is another thing. There is millions of mobile app developed every year but many few become a successful mobile app and enter the top charts on the mobile app store. So for any business, to develop a well-structured mobile app strategy based on the preferences and tastes of users, it is important to understand the target audience and successful mobile app development tactics.

What is the engagement of users?

The term engagement of users may vary from one business to another. It may imply different kind of things for different businesses. For instance, if your business emphasizes on the promotion of a social app then you’ll certainly require a number of active users on a regular basis whereas if your business app offers beneficial services then the engagement of users shall be required for a limited time frame.
Irrespective of the varying engagement goals, every business can find certain ways to enhance the user engagement on their apps.

What are the various ways or tricks to improve user engagement towards your apps?

Set an impressive first impression


First impression is always the last impression. A business should make an attempt to set an exceptional first impression among its users. The number of people who download the app in the initial phase of an app’s launch should rise drastically. The business should preach about the objective and various uses of its app among the users from the scratch and leave an impactful first experience.

Create a Stellar App Store Listing

Engagement begins with the user’s first encounter with your app which is listed in the app store itself. Place yourself in the shoes of users and think prudently about why you being a user should download your app, what are the issues which your app is trying to resolve and whether your app is user-friendly or not. The focus of your business should be drifted from the app’s features to its advantages. The feedback from testers also has an influential effect on your app store listing.

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Develop a simple on boarding process and educate users about it

You cannot deny the fact that the first interaction which a user has with your app is during the on boarding process. Sign-ups and creation of user accounts are one of the reasons behind a significant loss of first-time users. Though most of the apps, demand account creation before you actually get on board what is more important is optimization of this process. One of the most frequent mistakes is transforming the user’s onboard experience into a detailed tutorial about the app. Instead of teaching about something to which the users cannot relate initially, it is better to preach and aware the users about the various advantages of using your app.

Follow the Practice of ‘Trying before buying’

Bestow an exclusive privilege upon your users to try the app before buying it. The users must know the worth of the product before they engage in it. If an app cannot avoid user login or authentication features, it is recommended to make them non-mandatory particularly when a user is in a read-only mode. If any action is intended to be performed on part of the users, then they will be diverted straightaway to the creation of an account.

Inbuilt a ‘Speed’ feature


In this fast pacing world, everything has to go with this same pace. If there are businesses which are serving people faster than you then the chances of survival of your business become meager. So the need of the hour is that your app’s in-built features are efficient, quick and reliable. Every time a user opens the app, it should work without any hassle.

Enable push notifications

App notifications or messages are a way of communicating with the users. You can use relevant and customized push notifications to keep the users engrossed in your app. Your app should offer a degree of flexibility and control in the hands of users.

Opt for Deep linking to dig deep

Deep linking directs the users to a certain page or screen within an app. Notifications coupled with deep linking in your app prove to be more effective and powerful. A business may opt for approaches for deep linking inside an app to enhance its user engagement.

Promote sharing and integrate community

The foremost task is to create a social and characterized app which when shared promotes itself. This sharing app feature integrates different users and builds a community of such users which eventually leads to awareness and brand building of the app.

Create an experience, not simply an app

Develop an app which creates value in a user’s everyday life. The more the number of users would be engaged in the app, the more the app would flourish in the long run. In addition, to enhance the user experience and stay away from your competitors, you should keep an eye on 7 key Features That Will Impact Mobile App in 2018 and beyond.

Satisfy your customers


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The most essential user engagement strategy is user satisfaction. Customers are the backbone of every business regardless of the nature of the business. To serve your customers well, you should have a comprehensive understanding of your current and prospective audience. If your customers are happy, your business goals will automatically be accomplished.

These are simple tricks to improve user engagement towards your app but most of them require considerable efforts, time and rational approaches to bear fruitful outcomes. Every branding app should analyze itself thoroughly and deeply before framing its marketing strategy. These approaches shall be understood and then applied accordingly, maybe by opting for one or more of them at a point in time. You need to have a clear understanding of these tactics so that they enhance user engagement towards your app.


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