Valid Reasons of Cross Platform App Development with NativeScript to Dominate the Mobile App Industry


NativeScript is an innovative framework that allows you to write entirely nativescript app development by using any other framework, like TypeScript, JavaScript and Angular. Furthermore, NativeScript, as the name highlights, helps you create truly native apps with the help of JavaScript. Any mobile app developed by using NativeScript involves JavaScript code executed primarily on a native mobile platform.

These apps are truly native in their ability to access various matching devices, outstanding performance, and user interface. Runtimes and modules remain at the core of any nativescript Development Company. In this case, modules expose the abilities of a native device and components of a user interface based on JavaScript code. On the other hand, runtimes compile, interpret, and execute the JavaScript code, presenting any native mobile platform. In addition, it allows you to tap into unique platform APIs within the code.

Major Strengths of NativeScript Framework

NativeScript framework or approach comes with many strengths or positive features. These include the following-

  • Cross-platform Approach

    You have to write only one codebase to create any app for Android or iOS. Considering this fact, you may easily tweak the written code whenever you require the implementation of functionality specific to a particular platform.

  • Lets you Get Benefits of Android and iOS Runtimes

    If you are willing to get the benefits of Android and iOS runtimes, you may even implement unique platform-based features by putting in your minimum possible efforts. This is because as applications use nativescript web app, they behave and appear natively regardless of the platform you opt to use.

  • Gives Access to Every Native Platform

    NativeScript always provides you direct access to APIs of each of the native platforms, along with third party codes. Whenever you develop any app for Android, you will eventually import a few already existing functionality to implement in the native Android app.

  • Scope to Learn Many New Things

    If you already possess good knowledge of CSS, XML and JavaScript, while basic understanding about Android and iOS frameworks; you may easily acquire knowledge about NativeScript. Whenever you implement any innovative app idea, you get enough opportunity to learn basic concepts about native frameworks and NativeScript.

  • Acts as an Open-sourced Developmental Ecosystem

    NativeScript is a type of open-sourced developmental ecosystem, because of which it allows you shaping both present and future of any framework. The team accepts feature requests and feedback, while welcome contributions in an excellent way.

  • Incorporates ability of Pushing Minor App Updates without republishing them

    Another excellent strength of apps built with nativescript is that it can push varieties of minor application updates to the users without any requirement to republish the respective app completely. This is because major mobile-based platforms allow minor content updates on air, as these updates never remove or add any content present in the app package while never modifying its actual purpose.

Role of NativeScript in Cross Platform App Development

  • NativeScript Leverages TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue.jsa and Angular and So on

    NativeScript framework plays a major role to build 100percent native cross-platform based mobile applications. In this way, it helps to leverage various programs, which include TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue.jsa and Angular and so on. Other features of NativeScript include the following-

    • By using NativeScript framework, you may create a single cross-platform app to operate on both Android and iOS even by using different programming languages and other frameworks, which are comfortable for your web developers.
    • NativeScript comes with a vibrant plugin ecosystem and it has provided a welcome addition by the introduction of Particle plugin in the marketplace.

    Thus, app developers are now able to use Particle iOS and Android software development kits, abbreviated as SDKs in various NativeScript apps. Indeed, NativeScript has made cross-platform and IoT mobile applications easy to build than before.

    • NativeScript Provides In-built Theme Mechanism

      Bill Hrncir 1-1

      NativeScript provides an in-built theme mechanism in combination with approximately 13 varying color schemes to choose.

    • NativeScript allows Use of Cascade Style

      NativeScript application lets you changing both appearance and looks of its different elements or views by using Cascade Style Sheets or simply changing various style objects and elements present in JavaScript. You only require a CSS language subset for support. As similar to DOM style object, each of the view instances exposes a specific style property to hold every other style properties for view.

      Whenever the view displays, you may apply all of the style properties to any underlying native widget. Whenever any application commences, NativeScript checks the existence of respective file. During this time, any CSS style contained in it load and used across various application pages. The file acts as a convenient place for storing styles to use on various pages. Even you may chance the file name, from which you load the application wide CSS.

    • NativeScript Offers Native Rendering, as it uses Angular to Render


      Introduction of NativeScript framework has proved to be a massive contribution to the entire app development industry. Reason for this is that NativeScript uses Angular to perform native rendering, while it allows writing in both TypeScript and JavaScript. In this way, the framework fits perfectly to meet the varying requirements of modern web developers. Moreover, specialists have experienced both Angular 2 and NativeScript highly comfortable to work.

      Strong reason for this is that both of them are of front-end developmental tools and they incorporate almost similar structures to create different components. Now, the question that comes in our mind is that what exactly NativeScript does? The answer is NativeScript is a framework to build solutions for large numbers of mobile platforms by using only one codebase.

Special Features to Offer Native Rendering

Key features of NativeScript to offer native rendering include-

  • NativeScript development comes with a prominent feature of declarative style and hence, it simplifies building of various mobile components.
  • The developmental tool utilizes User Interface native code irrespective of the programming language you use to write codes.
  • NativeScript is the best option to create any mobile app intended to fulfill business and/or commercial needs.
  • A single line of code is enough to set up apps made with nativescript, and hence, it is a convenient option for web and app developers today.

NativeScript thus provided technological experts with complete access to API. In this way, you may access everything whether it is a phone call or camera setting within only a few seconds.

  • NativeScript combined with Angular 2-Much More than Framework

    banner-oneNativeScript combined with Angular 2 is much more than a simple framework. This is because; you may opt to use it spins various websites. In fact, it has evolved as a platform to decouple DOM and at the same time, to foster reuse of cross-platform codes. Because of this, developers may easily repurpose few of the same codes, which they use for building websites and use them to build many downloadable mobile apps and desktop apps both. In this way, Angular 2 has opened an entirely new world for every Angular developer.
  • NativeScript Supports Same Accessibility to Other Apps as Native Apps

    Applications created by using NativeScript framework give support to same accessibility as similar to various native apps. This is very much essential for everyone designing apps, which require meeting specific accessibility standards before they go live. Particularly, this is useful when you have to start with the implementation of unit or functional tests for your applications.
  • Angular 2 and NativeScript allows Sharing Routes if Required

    Another major benefit of Angular 2 and NativeScript is that it allows sharing of routes, along with the standard TypeScrip component file as well as your CSS in case of requirement.
    • As a developer, you may even differentiate the website’s HTML markup from the XML markup of your mobile applications.
    • Overall, you may share maximum 75percent of the code among designated platforms. Angular 2 architecture delivers NativeScrip app to various app stores whenever it is time from inside the folder of NativeScript.
    • If this is not enough, Angular 2 lets you sharing every visual asset between two different platforms if required.
  • NativeScript Framework Allows Usage of Complete APIs Stack

    test-oneNativeScript framework allows you to utilize a complete APIs cross-platform stack for writing any application code. Alternatively, you may get direct access each of the platform specific native APIs by the help of JavaScript only in case you have requirement to do so.
  • NativeScript Offers Out of the Box 0-Day Support

    Another prime feature about NativeScript is that it offers you out of the box based 0-day support for various innovative native platforms. As the framework exposes unmodified native UI and APIs components, you may use the latest ones whenever Google, Apple or Microsoft updates for various mobile platforms.


To conclude, we should say that NativeScript is the most preferable option to perform cross platform app development. Therefore, whether you are familiar with Android and/or iOS, you may easily step ahead to develop varieties of innovative apps by using NativeScript framework.

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