The best ways to utilize Artificial Intelligence for nextgen mobile apps


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With the advent of technology, the world is rapidly changing. Today, technology has become a “thinking tool”. Recently, there has been a rise in intelligent devices, which are based on artificial intelligence. The world can see a revolution if the nano-gadgets be embedded with human intelligence. Some of the recent developments include driverless cars, robots, and flying vehicles. With the increasing necessity of speed, security, and accuracy, AI is developing at a faster rate. Thus, leading companies are looking to hire mobile app Development Company for integration of AI technology in mobile app.

John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence defines it as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is basically a branch of computer science which deals with creating intelligent machines which can work and respond like humans. It can be done by studying the working of the human brain while it solves a problem and then implementing it to build intelligent software.

AI in Business


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The implementation of AI in business can be understood by the two top AI-enabled software:

HANA is the cloud platform of SAP. The companies use HANA to manage the databases of information which have been collected. It replicates and organizes the structured data, like sales transactions or information of the customers, from relational databases, and apps.

The platform SAP needs to be installed so that on-premise can run through the company’s servers, or through the cloud. The software HANA takes information collected from the access points across the businesses—including mobile as well as desktop computers, sensors, financial transactions, and equipment at the production plants.

Domo is a fast-growing business management software company. It has developed a dashboard which gathers the information to help the companies make decisions. This cloud-based dashboard increases with the size of the company. There are 400+ native software connectors which help Domo in collecting data from the third-party apps.

Domo using companies get a way to extract data from Square, Salesforce, Shopify, Facebook, and various other applications. This helps to gain profit from the customers, sales, or inventory. The extracted information helps in generating the reports and spotting the trends in real-time, regarding the product performance.

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AI in Home Automation

Artificial intelligence can be used in comfortable systems and remote controlling systems.

a. Comfortable Systems
In comfortable systems, the present scope of AI is limited because mostly the implementation is through electronic circuitry. Making the knowledge-based database comfortable is the only portion where AI stands effectively. Though the cost of the system increases because of the high prices of AI tools, the system turns out to be more flexible and comfortable.

b. Remote Controlling Systems
In remote controlling systems, AI can be used in both the authorizer and the decision maker stage. By making use of AI at the authorizer stage, the responsiveness of the system is increased. And, by making use of AI at the decision maker stage, the case-based reasoning stands out to be effective and efficient.

AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on the healthcare industry. Redivus Health is a mobile app which is used by the healthcare providers so as to prevent the medical errors. It offers both clinical decision support and documents the critical events electronically.

AI helps to improve patient outcomes by clinically innovating the data of the patients gathered. It improves reliability, consistency, and predictability with quality as well as patient safety. AI, in this app, is used as a decision augmentation tool. Though it will never be able to replace doctors, it can make the healthcare industry more efficient, effective and happier, which further helps in increasing confidence and reducing stress.

AI in E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence is readily available to all the companies, operating in E-commerce, irrespective of their size and budget. It leverages machine learning. It automatically organizes and labels the features of the particular image of the product.

AI enables shoppers to search the associated products depending on the size, shape, brand or colour. In fact, the visual capabilities of the product are being enhanced by AI. There are many e-commerce retailers who are becoming sophisticated by Integration of AI technology in ecommerce portal with the help of ecommerce Development Company.

AI in cybersecurity


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Artificial Intelligence is helping to make cybersecurity more effective and address the issues successfully. It helps companies in detecting vulnerabilities in business applications like ERP or any Financial System. There is a set system of behavior which analyses computer systems. Deep learning enables to find if the user is performing any suspicious activity. Thus, it helps to avoid attackers to penetrate into the systems of victims.

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AI in Education

Artificial Intelligence helps in enhancing the quality of education that is provided to the students. Many challenges such as machine learning or cognitive modelling have been taken up by AI. Education with AI makes a great combination. On one hand, where education enhances in developing the minds, on the other hand, AI provides tools which can help in imparting education with a more accurate picture.

AI provides smart content creation. It has helped in digitizing guides of the textbooks and provided the digital interface for learning. The ultimate aim of AI is to create such learning environment that gives a virtual human-like experience.

Logistic and Supply chain


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When the physical AI is combined with the customer data and analytics, it removes friction from the customer experience. AI boosts businesses to work on the consumer data to bring improvements throughout the supply chain operations. When customers demand short-time delivery, autonomous trucks along with robotic picking systems come into play. This allows supply chains to fulfill their commitment.


Artificial intelligence provides many new ways by which the developers can improve the user experiences. It can also help in making apps more powerful which can further reduce the hassle. Tim O’Reilly once said, “The guy with the most data wins.” Though data is continuously boosting business, in the smart age of artificial intelligence and powerful mobile apps, one should say “The guy with the smart app wins.”

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