Top Magento Extensions for a winning Customer Experience in 2022


Everyone today wants to start a business; however, like all startups, costs need to be reduced, and in this connection Top magento extensions is believed to be the right answer for building an e-commerce website for your startup. Magento is one platform that shows the use the turning technology has taken and made everything easily accessible. eCommerce websites once upon a time would be a pain to create; since there are many features of the e-commerce websites that need to be created like

  • The list of products along with the prizes;
  • The ability to add them to the shopping cart;
  • Being able to redeem discount coupons;
  • Accumulation of loyalty points; and finally
  • The payment gateway that needs to be integrated with the website

This all needs to work in proper coordination so that the entire shopping experience works seamlessly for the customer.

Magento helps you build an e-commerce website at minimal costs, along with a payment gateway solution that can be implemented on the website. The key features of Magento are as follows –

  • Allow you to control and manage your online site or store easily.
  • One can easily find a solution to make your store unique.
  • You can easily scale the site or the store as your business grows.
  • Different Magento extensions, which are designed to meet your day-to-day needs.
  • Enterprise level features that can be availed off.

Even though Magento is an open-source, robust ecommerce platform that is easy to use, you need skilled developers for the high level of coding within a heavy framework. Therefore, before hiring best magento 2 extensions developers, one must look at the essential factors to hire a qualified Magento developer to get the value for the money and take the business to the next level.

Magento Extensions: Overview

Apart from the features and the ability of Magento as a platform, it’s important to note that Magento is an open-source, e-commerce web application. Being an open-source application, Magento also has a vast network of partners who help develop extensions for Magento, which further gives the user or the store manager the power and flexibility to maintain their store site the way they want to.

Magento extensions are also known as Magento modules, and they form the heart of Magento. A Magento extension is nothing but a block of PHP code. This block of code helps further by bringing together functions that, when added to Magento, help increase the functionality of Magento. Whether related to the front-end or the back-end, each action on the Magento site has to go through some module. Hence, modules act like containers for –

  • Database data
  • Settings
  • Database schemas
  • Utility helpers
  • Data models
  • Action controllers.
  • Rendering objects

Let’s quickly look at some extensions that could be vital to enhancing the end-user customer experience.

Instant Search by Algolia


Algolia uses a rare technology capable of delivering the fastest solution possible when it comes to looking for a product one your Magento online store. The Instant Search by Algolia, ensures that users can find their products easily and quickly; since the results start to display as soon as the user starts typing.

This extension by Algolia is best free magento 2 extensions; however, you need to register for a free Algolia account to be able to use this extension.

Data feed generator extension

The data feed generator is an extension developed by Plumrocket Inc.

We all know that data feeds, RSS readers, deal aggregators, customs data feeds, and price comparison websites can help boost your website’s sales. They also help with increasing the search rankings. Thus, it ensures there is more traffic being guided towards your website. This Data feed generator extension helps you create unlimited feeds for your use.

This is a paid extension, which costs $99 for the community edition and $199 for the enterprise edition. There is a $50 installation cost irrespective of whether it is a Community or Enterprise edition. Even as far the support is concerned, there is a charge on 6-month and 12-month service agreements is $30 and $40, respectively. As far as the Enterprise edition is concerned, the 12-month service agreement is $80.

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SMS notification extension


Meetanshi has developed the SMS notification extension.

Today, most people prefer updates over SMS rather than email. Customers today prefer that they are informed about updates over SMS rather than over email. This unique app notifies customers but also the admins about the order and store activities using SMS.

This is a paid extension for only the Community edition and is charged at $89. Along with this, there is a $25 installation fee.

Out-of-stock extension


The best way  to is to divide your customers according to various criteria, like all the items related to their orders, or you can also segregate your customers based on their shipping or billing details. These rules help you create different combinations of conditions, further filtering your customers down to the smallest details. Based on these filters, you can see the details for each customer. Additionally, if a new client registers and matches any of the conditions or rules you have set, they will be automatically added to the list.

This is a paid extension, which costs $89 for the community edition and $289 for the enterprise edition. There is a $59 installation cost irrespective of whether it is a Community or Enterprise edition. Even as far as the support is concerned, top magento extensions offers best services on  a charge on 6-month and 12-month service agreements is $49 and $69, respectively. As far as the Enterprise edition is concerned, the 6-month and 12-month service agreements are $89 and $139, respectively.

Secure payment service


Magento’s PA-DSS certified payment application is called the Magento Secure Payment Bridge. This bridge helps merchants using the payment application meet PCI compliance. The Magento Secure Payment Bridge is available for users who avail of the Magento Enterprise Edition. The biggest advantage of this is that when new merchandising, marketing, and content management features are introduced to the core Magento eCommerce application, there is no need for reassessment to check for PCI compliance. Even while the payment is being processed, the data

Live Chat


The top magento extensions Live Chat Plugin provides the easiest way to integrate live chat on your website. Not only is this extension free, along with that it is also it is the most high-performance, fast and user-friendly solution as far as the live chats on your website are concerned. Another than providing live chat with the visitors of the website, it also monitors how traffic your site is receiving. Further, it is able to monitor what web activities are being carried out by your website visitors, which also include their search engine and along with the keywords that they are using.

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Two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication is an extension built by XTENTO.

Owning an e-commerce website comes with the responsibility of handling large amounts of customer sensitive data on an everyday basis. To maintain the credibility of your website or store, it comes mandatory to ensure that the data like the payment information (i.e., card details and so on), order history and the mainly the address of the customer is classified. Here is where XTENTO provides a solution that can save the day. The Two-factor authentication (TFA) by XTENTO ensures that your backend is secure using an extremely simple. This extension prompts you with an additional security screen when you try to access your Magento backend. After you have entered your username and password for the Magento backend, there is an authentication code that would need to be entered. This authentication code is generated on your mobile phone; thus securing the data at the back end. This is a paid extension, which costs $79 for the Community edition and $159 for the Enterprise.


The list of best free magento 2 extensions for your store/shop using Magento is probably endless and there is a lot that can be done in terms of adding functionality to your store. However, if you have just started building your store, the suggestion would keep it minimalistic and start small. There will always be time to add the features/extensions as and when needed.

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