Infographics: Essential Factors to Hire Qualified Magento Developer


If you wish to hire dedicated Magento developer, you will have to take note of quite a few aspects. Other than the experience and expertise, some of the other crucial factors include:

  1. Expertise & Knowledge
  2. Customer service
  3. Extensive market research
  4. Communication
  5. Safety & Security
  6. Quality and Cost
  7. After Sales Support & Ownership


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  1. Nice infographic. I would like to add one more point that a perfect Magento developer with enough experience helps you get your website up and running in no time as well as maintain it on a daily basis and gives no harm to your store. A good Magento developer will always work honestly, and since finding a good Magento developer isn’t a simple wand waving job.

  2. Magento’s interface is also really easy to use and it comes with tutorial videos and documentation. It has a full installation wizard too. However, Magento’s difficulty is increased when you want to start adding extensions to your site. In this instance, you might want to think about hiring a Magento-specialist developer.

    1. Varun

      Hi Blaine,

      I’m totally agreed with you. Magento architecture is quite complex compare to other available CMS. But this architecture gives it more stability for the complex projects of eCommerce business logic. So yes it requires Magento specialist to accommodate the extension work. And that’s why I’ve explained the factors which one should take care of while hiring Magento developer.


  3. Is Magento any good? I am a WooCommerce user myself, but they have really irritated me lately. I recently got hit with a $10k bill for a few plugins I own (completely out of the blue). They have doubled their prices by 50 on all annual subscription renewals – without explaining anything to their beloved customers! Seems pretty weird. But nevertheless, I am currently looking to jump ship and not sure which shopping cart system to use on our site.

    1. Varun


      Thanks to share your pain with us. I’m shocked when you share that you are charged with almost $10k just for the plugins you have used! If so, then there should be 2 things been with you,

      1). The developer who has developed the store has not analysed your requirement properly in advance, otherwise he/she should not suggest you to go with Woocommerce if you need to invest this much of amount just for plugins.

      2). Developer may not be expert enough to create his/her own plugins which don’t require to upgrade and hence no longer run cost. He may just keep installing giant plugins for a normal features which can be achieved through custom plugins.

      Answer to your question about Magento, Yes it is really good option to go with, but before suggesting you to Magento, I’ll be happy to have a look at your existing website for which you have this pain and based on what I would suggest you the best and affordable way. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake which may did by your previous developer, so you need to give us enough detail for this. You can email us at for to discuss further.

      I wish you get out of this pain soon!


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