Magento 1.X v/s Magento 2 Face Off: Which One is Better for You?


In July 2015 when Magento launched its newest feature rich version Magento 2 with much pizzazz, everyone wanted to know if it is really faster than M1? If yes, then how much?

So the peeps at Magento chose to hold both the platforms to some hard tests. They measured the speed and capabilities of Magento 2 against Magento 1.x versions on several criteria. The results are astonishing!

Magento 2 v/s Magento 1.x: Surprising results
When the folks at Magento made Magento 1.14.2 challenge Magento 2 on various parameters, even they were surprised to see how the upgrade won hands down in case for both small as well as big e-commerce stores. The following parameters were judged:

• Catalog browsing
• Adding both a simple and configurable product to the cart
• Completing the full checkout process (all steps) as a customer


Magneto 2 strikes it big on Throughput, or the ability to process orders per hour.


Catalog Browsing by your customers is significantly faster with Magento 2. All thanks to the entirely new re-designed instant response system for cached content and the quicker generation of new pages in case of a cache miss.


And here is how M2 ranks on “server response time” when your customers add products to their cart


The Verdict:

And the award for the Fastest Magento version in history goes to:

Magento 2.0!

Key findings of Magento 2:

• Processes up to 39% more orders per hour
• Delivers nearly instant server response times for catalog browsing
• Enables up to 66% faster add-to-cart server response times
• Provides up to 51% faster end-to-end checkout times

It is clear from these tests that Magento 2.0 is the fastest and most efficient eCommerce platform ever built by Magento, which performs visibly better than it’s boggy predecessors.
The enhanced performance and scalability, combined with modern functionality, powerful business, and admin tools, and unrivaled flexibility to create groundbreaking personalized shopping experiences make it the next generation solution that your customers will love and is perfect for your business to succeed.

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