Magento 1 vs Magento 2- Which You Should Be Going Now


Over the last few decades with the advent of ecommerce industry, there has been growing demand and popularity of Magento. So when it comes to designing any shopping or ecommerce website, then Magento is the best platform preferred by every web developer. Till date we were using Magento 1 but very recently, magento have come up with an awesome upgrade as Magento 2 which too has gained remarkable response and exposure all across the globe. So, right now in the fraternity of Offshore Magento Development Company India the hottest topic of discussion and research is that whether one should switch to Magento 2 from its earlier counterpart Magento 1 or not.

Brief Comparison – Is It worth Upgrading to Magento 2 Or Its Better To Stay With Magento1

Well, here we would be highlighting some facts in this regard whether you should switch to the latest Magento 2 version or simply stick to the old one. Thus, before coming to a conclusion to this debatable topic which has been the hottest now on the Magento web developing world, we need to see the pros and cons of both the versions that is Magento 1 and 2. So lets start our own research in this regard which might lead to amazing discoveries. So Magento 2 is the latest version of this leading eCommerce open source platform. It uses to empower both B2B & B2C business offering omnichannel shopping experience with superior performance and flexibility. So here what you get from Magento 2

  • It comes with user-friendly approach
  • Comes bundled with trendy technologies
  • The next generation shopping experience features
  • Improvement in Frameworks
  • Quality extension option for Magento2
  • Quarterly platform updates

Well, on the other hand the admin interface of Magento 1 was quite confusing and bit complicated for newbies and non-technical users as it was a real challenge to cope up with UX of the admin interface if anyone don’t have an internal Magento development team. However, this problem has been solved in Magento 2. As here you get enhanced Magento 2 backend UX admin interface offering 100% responsive and touch-friendly navigation.

Further, in Magento 1 product creation workflow was a bit complicated, which is simplified in Magento2 that lets you create configurable products without needing to go through manual product creation process. Further, product attributes set has been modified in the latest version. In the framework improvement the things were a bit complicated in Magento 1 that seldom lead to mess. But in the latest version 2 major code refactoring took place to avoid such situations which is compatible with PHP7 and HHVM. Magento 1 will be supported officially for the next 3 years from the date of Magento 2 launched on December 2015.

Our Verdict

Well, before wrapping up this session we would like to mention that if you are looking forward to get a next generation Magento developing and using experience, then it’s high time to go with the upgrade that is Magento 2. However, there are certain things that need to be focused.

As an updated version Magento 2 will be a bit expensive to set up, but undoubtedly its the future of the platform that comes with lots of eye-catching upgrades in the operating part which is already discussed above. Further, Magento 2 needs more expert skills for setting up. So if you have a small business, then it’s better to stay with the version 1 but if you can afford then Magento 2 rocks.

However, at the same time with Magento 1, we still have a enormous group of experts who are experienced using the Magento 1. This is one of the biggest advantages when you need some quick solution to a problem with on-going development. Also, Magento 1 has a very rich inventory of diverse ready to use extensions for immediate solutions. Thus Magento 1 is not to be underestimated compared to Magento 2.


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