Which one is the best web development language- PHP, JAVA, Asp.Net, or any else?


Since the emergence of Internet decades ago, its functionality has increased manifold in every spectrum of our lives. The advent of social media has further revolutionised the way we think, relate with others or do business. The internet is not dependant on its administrator any more. People, who use web can make changes, create blogs and websites – tweaking stuff to suit their own requirements. Thus the public is allowed to make moderations to social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. This has become possible due to the various web development languages created like – HTML, PHP, JAVA, Asp.Net. These web languages have opened the door to dynamic possibilities for the web administrator as well as for the web user.
Out of all these web languages, PHP has carved a niche for itself and has become extremely popular. A lot of famous websites like YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo! use PHP as their web language.

There are many reasons for the preference towards PHP. Firstly, PHP is relatively easy to learn than other web languages. Web developers who are familiar with languages like C and JAVA can easily pick up PHP as it is quite similar to the other two. As a result programmers understand it extremely fast because of its uncomplicated style of format.

PHP has an edge over other web languages for providing custom web solutions. PHP provides brilliant standards as a result of its efficient output and easy usage. For online businesses PHP is the way to go as it provides dynamic websites.
PHP developers have worked endlessly towards making PHP the beat web language since a long time. It has excellent speed and works extremely well with the relational database systems.

Another beneficial element of PHP is that it is cost-effective. The developments of websites which have PHP as their web language require a very affordable investment as PHP is an open source language. These PHP made websites are extremely user friendly.

India provides a huge market of PHP developers who have an excellent wealth of knowledge and experience of the web language at a very affordable rate and time constraints are also maintained.

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