How I Managed Monthly Sales of $100k With Shopify Store?


The buzzword of 2016 has been ecommerce, and why not! It is the fastest growing industry in the world; some of the biggest brands in the world are ecommerce giants. Ecommerce ensures that you run a business with minimal expenses whilst still standing to make a pretty penny.

There are many who still consider the online alternative of business as something of a rare possibility. This is often the case with people who are not well acquainted with the internet and are a little awed by the whole prospect of going online. While it is true that there are many conventional ideas that haven’t come online, retailing is something that has found a strong presence on the internet.

My purpose was simple to create a brand and make sure that it sustains itself from day one while achieving the set target sales. Every business requires a basic amount of research and that is exactly what I embarked upon. Retailing from brick and mortar stores was a thing of the past, the costs were too prohibitive, and even if they were not, the option was just too bankable to ignore. Online stores, when branded and marketed well, which are competitively priced, can make serious waves. However making one’s own ecommerce portal can be quite the task but with Coreway solutions it becomes easy and they get you rolling online with perfection.

The most important factor for online sales is to have an ecommerce portal that provides your online customers with an almost intuitive understanding of their shopping preferences. It is simply a matter of making the right architecture for the kind of products one has to sell. This was an understanding born of serious research. When I got to know of the Shopify Store, it was almost as if something clicked. Here was an ecommerce site that was providing me just the right infrastructure at the just the right price in order for me to increase my sales with little to no investment. It was a match made in heaven. Thanks to Coreway Solution for the understanding.

Here is the process I followed to ensure that I hit my targets.

Phase I:

My first target was to set up a robust online presence which justified my strong supply-chain and distribution networks, one of the perks of having been in the business for some time now. The online Shopify network made things extremely simple, my ecommerce portal was activated within a short window of time. The Shopify network gave me an exhaustive list of ideas on how I could convert my website into a shopping window to the world. This was something that took a little time to set in.

With able guidance from the Coreway team I managed to find the perfect ecommerce window on the website. The Store has over 100 different templates. Each one designed for a particular niche industry and set to provide them the most easy access and eye-catching design. I was ready for business.

Phase II:

You can only know how good a car is, once you drive it, said a famous Formula 1 driver. It is quite similar with ecommerce. And the metaphorical car I was riding purred along like a dream. Shopify Store’s easy content management system was a breeze to understand and made my job infinitely simple with expert guidance from Coreway Solution. I realized something quite profound in that moment, it does not take too much or too many to start a business, it just takes a good idea and the right support.

I came up with different products every month, keeping with the changing seasons. The overall content management is so easy that adding products and editing details became a hardly a task at all.

Security was something everyone had warned me about, when it came to ecommerce sites. Shopify Store, however, was a revelation. Their secure shopping cart allowed me to accept PayPal payments as well as credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex, among others. The Store has integrated with over 70 payment gateways to make sure that those hosting their stores on Shopify can have maximum flexibility with their transactions.

Phase III:

If we are to stretch the car metaphor, we would say that by now I was in the mood to really open this car up to its maximum speed. The month of November was nigh, and despite all predictions of doom the Store had been doing brisk business through the months of April through October. As the traffic began to pile up and orders poured in on account of the festive season and a host of other coalescing factors, I began to notice something interesting. The Store was holding up! Unlike the other website we had tried, there were no unseemly crashes at the height of traffic. The Shopify Store, I realized later, offers unlimited bandwidth and handles all updates with ease.

Over and above that, Shopify also brings into play search engine optimization, Google Analytics, advance ecommerce analytics along with a host of other features to give your store the edge it deserves. My store on Shopify was getting more exposure than a website could ever have gotten, and even if it would have, it would not have been as cost-effective as this!

November came and went and we made a killing on the Shopify Store. Here are the numbers:


Phase IV:

This was the time when we decided to go mobile. The increasing popularity of the small screen market is not something I was going to ignore after seeing the huge benefits of the laptop market. The Shopify App Store once again proved to be a superior extension of the online Store and provided me with exactly the kind of online infrastructure I required.

I implemented this by the end of November and it is the middle of December and I am seeing a serious spike in the number of visitors the Store has received thanks to the mobile integration.



Long story short, it has been a long time coming, but my target of achieving $100k monthly sales has been achieved. As you can see from the graphic before the Shopify Store entered the picture, there was little to no business that we could boast of. And now, things are vastly different.

total sales in last 7 months
Thank you, Coreway & Shopify!


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