Checklist Before And After Launching Your Shopify Store


The day has finally arrived, when you are all set to launch your own Shopify store, but are absolutely clueless about what all is to be done? Don’t panic, we have a very handy checklist for you to abide by and save yourself all the trouble of any hitch at your launch.

Striking reason why checklists are important for businesses.

Making checklists can seem tedious and boring, but the practice can save your business by improving efficiency and minimizing mistakes. Also, with checklists there’s a written paper trail showing accountability for each leg of any project. With a basic framework you can look back on, it will be easier to pinpoint any troubles before they make their way down the pike.

That said, what is most important is that every task has a different kind of checklist to be prepared. For businesses its important that all the details are written down before any task that has to be completed to avoid any kinds of goof ups.

Things to check before and after launching your Shopify store.

  1. Payments, payments, payments. We all work hard and passionately for one major motive, sales! When making a website it’s most important before attracting any traffic whatsoever that you make sure all your payment gateways are working promptly.
  2. Bring on the grammar nazi. Before launching the website make sure that all the spellings and grammar on your webpage are accurate. This helps in creating a better brand image, have an editor look into the page or someone who is good with their spellings and grammar.
  3. How can I help you? Customer retention is only possible when they have a good experience with your brand, and no good experience is complete without a good customer service. Make sure you have on time customer service who are ready to help round the clock.
  4. Pictures speak a thousand words. Well this can only be possible when your pictures are quick enough to load and don’t take an eternity, because this generation has no patience whatsoever. Make sure you upload images which are internet savy to give a better consumer experience.
  5. Add a Custom Domain This is usually the first thing to do when opening a store, but depending on how you work, it might be the last thing on your mind. Make sure the domain name matches your brand for it to be easier for people to find you.
  6. Analytics is boss Analytics are important to set up from day one. Analytics will give you valuable insight into your visitors and customers. In a physical store, you see your customer and you can easily chat with them. However, online, you’re essentially blind without analytics.
  7. Choose correct marketing plans.
  8. Registrar logins always seem to be forgotten. We need to make sure that the registrar info is correct so you can easily login when the time is right and add the CNAME and A Records. Always try to make sure this happens a week before the launch date of the site just to be sure and there be no mess up at the date of the launch.
  9. If you’re building a new theme on top of an existing Shopify store, you’ll want to make sure all the navigation links are pointing to the proper places. This can be tricky when you’re previewing a theme because there’s only one master navigation section, so sometimes this needs to happen immediately after the site has been published.
  10. It’s something you’ll forget , so don’t forget to update the pages to the right collection, product or page templates because when you create custom page templates which don’t automatically get applied when the theme is published, you’ll miss out on all the changes.
  11. Once the store has launched, always make a point of exporting the finished theme and saving it to a Drop box folder just in case something happens to it down the line.
  12. Last but not least, I look through the original proposal that I sent over to make sure everything we discussed has been completed. Every now and then, you have to remind a client that some of the work they’ve requested wasn’t included in the original proposal, so it’s helpful to refer back to the original from time to time.
  13. Once you’re all set and done, don’t forget to send over a request for a review! A good customer review is worth its weight in gold. Before your launch, make strategies and an effective pre launch plan so that your products come into consumer notice. Once done that it’s easier to attract traction towards your store.

With these basic steps and a little bit of help from us, you can get through to your Shopify experience without any hitch. We help you through the whole process with our expert panel at your service 24*7. Be it assistance or any other form of help required. Build you store with us to attract a large number of consumers and make a mark super easy peasy. Coreway solution provides you with expert services and an steady hand at building your brand as and when you like it. We help you manage and create your store in a way you will sell out even before its set up. JUST KIDDING. But on a serious note our services will not disappoint you.



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