How to learn any technology quickly?


As my point of view technology is just a problem for developer and we need to find the solution. So to learn any technology you should know the methods how to solve this problem. So I have just written some steps which may helps to any fresher.

Step-1 : Developer should be aware of some basic knowledge of particular technology. ( Don’t open any book for this. Just take some introduction from any senior person.) This basic knowledge means some required syntax, platform to run it, some necessary rules to work with it. So I think it should take only 2-3 hours for this. Please don’t go very deep in any technology at initial level. Because as much you will try to go deep as you will confuse about it. So it will totally waste of time.

Step-2 : Senior person please give one development example by development like simple form in php. It should contain insert, update and delete. Then give another example to her/him to do. If he/she will face any problem then help her/him. Also senior person should teach some debugging method if she will face such situation. Continue this thing for 1-2 days only depend on skill of person.

Step-3 : Now again give any one complex and big example to do and senior just give introduction to her/him what to do but don’t teach how to be done? Now let him/her to do. If she will face any problem then just give some hints to use some debugging method. But don’t fully help him/her till 1-2 days. Please continue this thing till 1-2 days even he/she being frosted. After two days show him/her what was the problem and which are the ways to solve it.

So I think fresher should follow these 3 steps and that’s it!!!! So start to learning new technology is just a game of 3-5 days. But don’t think that you learn whole technology. It is just the first step you taken in the world of that particular technology because any technology don’t have end.

Best Luck Guys,
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