5 Ways Big Data Analytics Can Improve Your Business


Traditionally we have been handling large amounts of data from various sources of information, both internal and external. The fact of being able to handle Big Data now makes all this mass of information that is created every day around the channels of action and external sources of data can bring competitive advantages to companies, generating a series of benefits as tangible.

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However, organizations today require big data consulting Analytics to be more efficient in their operations handled by big data analytics companies.

We present here five key advantages of Big Data to apply to the management of your business:

Better decisions

According to Forbes magazine, the amount of data generated in the last two years exceeds that previously generated in the history of mankind. Therefore, it is very important to approach them intelligently and do things that were simply not available to you before: Big Data technologies allow you to observe with new eyes, analyze customer behavior or even evaluate your products to make sound decisions reducing the risks involved in letting yourself be guided by intuition, and having big data consulting services.

The fact of having access to more information allows us to have a global vision and see in a big way to address the challenges of the globalized world. We can even combine different types of data to perform customer segmentation and marketing and advertising campaigns focused on potential customers. Companies that do not take advantage of this privileged vision can lose competitive positioning.

Different solutions

Through the analysis of different and varied data, we can arrive at different solutions that we could not consider at first. A good example of this is Artificial Intelligence and specifically one branch of this area: Machine Learning. The idea is to be able to teach a computer to solve issues on its own from the data that we transfer to it, which would help us understand the origin of a problem or find the optimal solution.

This was what Arthur Samuel of IBM did in the 50s: as he liked to play checkers, he designed a program for his Defense Calculator machine to play with him. Through a training of several games, Defense Calculator collected data on the possible movements and studied them, and Arthur continued improving the program and teaching him, a strategy so that he chose the movement that would give him more pieces of advantage.

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New Business Opportunities

Basing business decisions on available information undoubtedly provides a competitive advantage. A good example of this information is the data poured into social networks: with them, you can identify opportunities to generate business and sell ads based on the interests of each user.

Cost savings

Managing the high volume of data that big data strategy supposes can suppose a problem of storage infrastructure, for that reason it agrees to consider working with them in an environment that does not put limits like the cloud that supposes, in addition, a saving of costs in hardware. In addition, it is an improvement in the accessibility and fluidity of information for the company’s own employees, thereby gaining efficiency, speed, and efficiency.

Telecommunications giant Nokia adopted Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2013 because it could not scale its databases further to cope with the huge volume of customer registration data (about 800 GB per day). By using Amazon Redshift as data storage, you managed to get the queries to work twice as fast and reduce the storage cost by 50%.

More dynamic data visualization

Big Data initiatives require better data visualization tools, which present the data in graphs, tables, and intuitive presentations. These applications allow end users to search and access information quickly, in some cases even in real time. It is a great advantage for customers, who are very satisfied since they have control of the information at the same time it is being generated.

If you have data and you need to transform it into knowledge, we can help you.

We also offer:

  • Data capture, either own or from third parties.
  • Data integration, extraction, and treatment.
  • Data quality Cleaning, homogenization.
  • Public, hybrid and on-premises cloud storage solutions.
  • Consulting in technological strategy and data architecture.

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  • Capture and analysis of data of all offices, stores, departments or any point of contact with clients.
  • Analysis of information from different sources (stores, sensors and other devices) for the management of prices, inventory, and distribution.
  • Descriptive automation of the entity and disambiguation (for people, companies, assets).
  • Aggregation and enrichment with data sources of third parties, diverse as news, weather, stock information, to make better predictions.
  • Predictions of behavior and generate patterns to take advantage of current and historical data from a variety of data sources.
  • Generation of algorithms to keep up with large volumes of information.
  • Analysis of the flow of data to find trends or keywords in conversations, documents, news articles, social media, to comply with security missions.
  • Execution of highly complex data queries in transactional environments (temporary sessions, streaming data, and application logs) to see past, present and predict future patterns.

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