Pioneers of Beauty in Canada – Orabel

  • Platform // Magento 2
  • Scripting languages // HTML / CSS / jQuery
  • Tools // Dreamweaver CS5
  • CRM // ORO CRM


Impart to your consumers exactly what they desire, when they desire, at a price they can afford and they shall return to you for even more. However, to pioneer the demands of modern consumer is unattainable without solid technology. Our client’s webstore was struggling to accommodate the level of traffic it was attracting. Consumers of today demand more functionality, smoother browsing, easier payments, faster loading and unicorns. Every time the client added new SKUs to his product line, the website would become more boggy. They received high bounce rates and carts were getting dropped during the lengthy checkout process. That just added to the client’s frustration and they decided it is time to upgrade and call in the most amazing development agency they know – Coreway.



Coreway worked closely with the client to establish a clear vision for the brand. We mapped out the target demographics and business dynamics to quickly realize client’s vision. Through analytics we discovered that the bounce rate was high due to slow loading pages and one of the most prominent factors for cart drops was the dreadfully lengthy checkout. So Coreway suggested to move with Magento 2 version, and take all the furhter responsibilities about the website and started the work to migrate site from existing platform to Magento 2 as well as Coreway optimized brand communication and behavior to suit the consumer’s needs. Coreway deployed powerful SEO tactics on all the web pages and every channel driving traffic to our client’s website. Coreway also made calculated UI & UX improvements to give a delightful and seamless shopping experience to our client’s customers.



  • #1 Rankings in local areas
  • 20% Faster Website.
  • 5X Visitors Increased .
  • 3X Sales Increased.
  • Within the first quarter of implementation.

Client's words

And finally client get a big smile on his face. He has added few words about the Coreway Solution.

“I got a much better website, which is not bugging anymore. It’s way faster than before and now I also have better SEO. I know that because my site and my social links now rank on top everywhere. That’s amazing! I am not a developer so all this technology stuff sounds Greek to me. That’s why I am always wary of using freelance developers from outside. They’ve always given me substandard quality and charged me for moon. But Varun and Coreway is someone I can completely rely on. I can trust you guys with any of my development projects because I know you will not rip me off like other developers do. That’s why I work with you only now. Thank you for making my webstore awesome again and also increasing my sales. :)”

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