Geliyoo – Search engine revolution for Turkey



Geliyoo Bilişim is a Turkish multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software and online advertising technologies. Geliyoo is not just Turkish search engine but they also aims to gain love of Turkish people by leading many other industries like Geliyoo news, Geliyoo Maps, Geliyoo Browser.



Biggest challenge when this visionary idea trigger in mind of True Turkish Business leader,- to find team who can help on all of his projects. Geliyoo search engine was his ambitious project and along with that, he is looking to start news portal, Geliyoo maps and browser in parallel. He used to talk with many giants about this, but pricing he got from them was too high for him. He needs a team who can work on all of the above projects together at an affordable price for him.



Our representative had several rounds of discussion with the Geliyoo owner and tried to understand his problem. We keep the transparency with the customer about our technology stack and capabilities for all of the above projects, but Geliyoo people liked our approach to handle all of their queries and support them. So they wanted us to lead these projects along with other associations from India. We have created detailed scope of work for all of the above projects as well as the vendor association valuation sheet to find the best partner for the client. Within 2 months of our efforts, we were able to find the right team for the right project at the allocated budget from the client. We associated with them and started execution on those projects. We keep our monitoring and QC on all the projects to reduce the headache of our customer.



The result is – some of these projects are already published recently and some of them are coming soon for the Turkish people.

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