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Enterprise Business Consulting

Enterprise business consulting is all about solving a problem related to whole enterprise not an individual department. EBC is to encapsulating the objective of overall organization. We, Coreway Solution’s provide you solution in increasing the productivity of your repute organization by providing the enterprise consulting services to handle the complexities of your business.

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Customer Relationship Management

Our outstanding and reliable team of development will modify the existing CRM or can develop new customize CRM which help you in identify your target customers, their needs etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our team of developer will integrate all your different business activities which helps you in tracking different resources like: – product capacity and quantity, cash flows, payroll, track records of employee and many more.

Human Resource Management Solutions

There is one famous quote that “behind every man’s success there is woman”, like wise “behind every organization’s success there is big role of one of the department called HRM”. Our team of expert people can offer you customize HRM and can modify your existing HRM.

Electrical Medical Records Mobility Solutions

Web developer team of Coreway’s will develop a system which will be useful to hospitals and clinics and will maintain the trust to not to breech the medical data.


  • 6+ years of experience
  • 220+ client base
  • 750+ Web Apps Delivered
  • 2000 Sq.Ft Secure Development Area
  • Served 21+ countries across 20+ Industries
  • Priority for customer Values than money
  • Less turn around time
  • Dedicated manager

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