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What is ADA Compliance?

ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) came into existence in 1990 for avoiding any discrimination towards disabled people. Here, disability may refer to physical or mental disability. According to ADA, the term “disability” can be defined as “individual suffering” from any physical or mental impairment which might limit his/her any life activity.

The main aim behind ADA compliant websites is to bring the disabled as well as non-disabled people reach the same level of digitally accessibility, in the same way as the accessibility level that is present offline.

Why ADA Compliance is necessary for your website?

Five reasons why your business needs an ADA compliant website
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Broader the range of potential customer

With 19% disabled people in the country, the companies can imagine the range of the potential customers they might be losing. If you have ADA compliant eCommerce website, then even the disabled people can try out those products and services to become a potential customer for you.

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Build a block of your reputation

With ADA compliant website, you are increasing your reach which results in bigger customer base which will give you competitive advantage. If a customer is happy and satisfied with the accessibility of the website, he/she would recommend the website in his/her friend circle, this would help in bringing a good reputation to the company.

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To avoid potential lawsuits

Since September 2010, ADA is projecting various regulations for E-commerce websites. Each regulation is associated with lawsuits. Till date, there have been various lawsuits which have involved companies like, Target, Expedia, and Southwest Airlines as defendants. Today, when all the businesses have their website, it has become a compulsion that the websites at least comply with grade A, with highest among grade AAA.

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Accessibility makes the Internet a more valuable resource for everyone

Creating a more operable and navigable website will ultimately benefit all users while still meeting WCAG guidelines. Making the web pages easier to comprehend will allow everyone – disabled or non – to find what they are looking for quickly. If the web developer decides to follow the guidelines, the website will likely convert more leads across the board because the users will trust that they can always easily find the content they need.

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Improve website SEO

With improvement in technology, search engines are getting better and refining the search according to the needs of the people. WCAG has laid foundation to add screen readers which can make the website easily accessible to the disabled people too. This will ultimately help to improve website SEO. It is necessary for the company to seriously consider the concept of Meta tagging, video transcripts, and alternate text for image.

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For strock survivors, caregivers and corresponding experts, we are building a community portal. No one wants to work with us in this industry, but with our restricted budget, Coreway has helped us in this project. Our audience is made up of survivors of strokes, caregivers and various hospital groups. To connect with them, our communication and web pages need to be very evident. They also assisted us a lot in developing the correct UI / UX for our readers by considering ADA compliance standards. I am not sure I can get these high quality services with anywhere else. Thanks to the team from Coreway.

Jing (Daniel) Gu

Free ADA Compliance checker

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    Get free compliance along with full fledged website

    We offer free ADA compliance service to the customers who is doing full fledged website or ecommerce development with us. If you don’t have website ready, then click here to get free quote to develop full fledged website with ADA compliance.

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    My name is TY Smith from Digital Delux and we worked with Coreway Solution for about an year now. Their technical knowledge, their knowledge of the web and programming, their business logic knowledge and general troubleshooting knowledge have really made them an important assets for us as a company. Weather its small project, long project , dead timline, they always delivers us quality product on time. I ll highly recommend coreway solution.

    Ty Smith
    Knirps, USA