connect with external database in joomla

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Sometime we may need to use any external database within our existing Joomla setup. Off course we can do it by using core PHP code. But this is not a good way to follow. So we can connect with external database using below code.

$options = array();
$options['driver'] = 'mysql';
$options['host'] = 'localhost';
$options['user'] = 'dbuser';
$options['password'] = 'dbpassword';
$options['database'] = 'databasename';
$options['prefix'] = 'tblprefix_';
$db = & JDatabase::getInstance($options);
$query = "SELECT * FROM #__example_table";
return $db->loadAssocList();

We should put all database connection related information in array variable $options. Then use getInstance() function from Jdatabse. Now you can use Joomla’s default database operation.

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